Call for Papers

The multiple topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

High polymer materials
Metal materials
Compound materials
Control materials
Purification materials
Inorganic non-metal materials
Characteristics of foam metal materials
Environmental engineering materials
Research and development of alternative materials
Technology research on high temperature materials
Research on the absorption properties of ultra light porous metal materials
The scientific study of ceramic composite wood
Materials industry resource efficiency
Study and preparation of fiber composites
The rise of new materials industry group
Foundation of material science
Nano science and technology
Material processing and handling
Materials science and engineering of powder metallurgy
Advanced Manufacturing Technology
Analysis and Decision of Industry & Manufacturing System
CAD/CAM Integration Technology
Complex Curve Design, Manufacturing & Application
Computational Mechanics
Computer-aided Geometric Design & Simulation
Flexible Manufacturing Technology & System
Industrial Application of CAD
Machine Vision and Learning
Manufacturing and Production Processes
Material Engineering
Mechanical Power Engineering
PC Guided Design and Manufacture
Precision Manufacturing & Measurement
Precision Mechanics, Mechatronics
Quality & Reliability Engineering
Science and Engineering Computing
System Dynamics and Simulation
Systems Science and Systems Engineering
Vehicle Dynamic Performance Simulation
Vehicle Electronic Control & Measuring Technology
Virtual Manufacturing Design & Control of Electric Vehicle
Virtual-tech Based System & Process-simulation
Theoretical mechanics
Mechanics of materials
Structural mechanics
Architectural mechanics
Engineering mechanics
Fluid mechanics
Rock and soil mechanics